AH! We had such a great time at SPX!

The whole weekend is kind of a blur of meeting and talking to tons of great comics folks (although the whiskey probably contributed to that), but we can’t say enough how much we appreciate all the support and enthusiasm we got! Here’s a big big thank you to everyone who bought the new book, talked to us about Dirty Diamonds, and showed interest in submitting to upcoming issues! As for the tale itself…

…we (Kelly & Claire) set out from Philly Friday afternoon with Cyn Why, Mooshe Nickerson, and our lovely and talented table-mate Carey Pietsch┬áin tow for the 3-hour drive to Bethesda, MD. With a fortifying stop at Total Wine along the way, we checked in and spent some time folding, binding, and prepping our books for the next day. This made us late enough to the meet & greet that we missed all the food, so we checked in, swigged from some flasks, ordered up some pizza and holed up for the night by the soft glow of TLC programming.

Saturday morning we were greeted by the low buzz of activity in the ballroom as everyone eagerly set up their tables. We took no time at all causing some chaos as SPX staff helped us rip some tablecloths off of tables to create some more space in the corner of our block.

There probably wasn’t a single quiet moment all day as we were flinging books and talking to tons and tons of people. The only venturing out into the rest of the ballroom that I did all day was early on while everyone was still setting up to say hi to my Philly compadres Box Brown, Ian Harker, the guys at Phinkwell, and NYC bro Cody Pickrodt. Eight hours later and desperate for food, most of the same gang (plus Dre Grigoropol and Doug Slack!), we walked around the corner from the hotel to inhale some kebobs and falafel.

A couple hours and a few whiskey gingers later, we caught a little bit of the Ignatz awards before we retreated up to the bar for a while. We headed down to the chocolate-fountain-drink-slingin’-palooza after a bit of a breather and the rest of the night consisted largely of shmoozing or simply being handed drink tickets, talking loudly at people, wandering all over the hotel trying to find more whiskey, and probably making a fool of myself! We eventually lured a solid group of people up to our hotel room to help kill our liquor supply, but they got kicked out (probably rightfully so) not too long afterwards for some much needed sleep. (Sorry again (not really sorry) for my punishment of watching Wild Wild West and having to listen to my disseration on why Kenneth Branagh as Arliss Loveless is an American treasure.)

Day 2 started bright and early thanks to my super sore back - thanks to a full day of standing on Saturday meeting the stiff Mariott beds. We had an equally awesome day on Sunday, and I was glad I got to take about an hour to snake my way around the con floor. Didn’t get to see, talk to, or buy from nearly enough people! We also got to do a fun interview with Rusty & Joe, who are just all around standup dudes, and fellow Lil Bub enthusiasts.

As probably THE coolest thing to happen all weekend, we got to chat with Megan from the Library of Congress who specifically sought out Dirty Diamonds to add to the permanent comics collection!!! As an anthology specifically catered towards women comic artists, they were really excited to be able to balance out their collection - and we couldn’t be happier! The Library of Congress is now graced with a copy of all four of our issues (thankfully I had brought one of the few remaining Issue #1s with me!), with an open invitation to donate upcoming issues! The American people can now forever read our horribly embarrassing tales. Great job everyone :)

Everyone we tabled with/next to and traveled with were such troopers, and the whole weekend was seriously a fucking blast. After we finally broke everything down and loaded up on some life-saving chinese food, we bid farewell to SPX and made the long trek back to Philadelphia.

We can’t WAIT to get right back into it, so if you’ll be around Boston Sept. 28-29, be sure to check out MICE! AND If you wanna see us on our home turf, and an entire 10 minute walk away from my house, head up for Locust Moon Fest on Oct. 5th in West Philly. They should both be an awesome time.

In summary, love all you guys. Thanks for the fantastic time :) Hope to see everyone next year!


(Thanks to Cyn, Dre, Steve Peters, and Paul Roth for the photos!)

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